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I am currently accepting clients for commission work, for people or businesses who would like my artwork on their wall, products, or publications! Please read the following basic information and then fill out the form at the end regarding your request. I will reply back to you via email within 2-4 days.

My commission process

  • You fill out the provided form with your request.

  • I will respond within 2-4 days via email to confirm the details, such as pricing, timing, requests for references or descriptions, etc. Once we’ve agreed on the project, I will send you an invoice (100% up front for pieces under $100, 50% up front for pieces $100 or over). More expensive projects in the hundreds of dollars may require you to sign a basic contract.

  • Once the invoice is paid, I will start working! When I have a completed sketch, I will send it to you for approval and any necessary adjustments.

  • With your sketch approval, I’ll start painting. If it takes a particularly long time, I may send you informal progress shots.

  • Once the painting is done, I will send you a watermarked preview image of it. If we’re both happy, I’ll send a second invoice if it’s over $100. Upon payment, digital files will be emailed to you and originals will be sent off in the mail. Yay!

  • If you’re really not happy with the final painting, I can redo it for an additional fee, which will become a second invoice or be added to the existing second invoice. I am a traditional media artist, and there isn’t much I can do once paint is on the paper. I also need to be paid for my labor and materials, as this is my full-time job. If you are very particular about your ideas and like to make a lot of changes or adjustments while working with an artist, I respect that, and suggest you find a different, digital artist. We will both be happier!

Pricing (all prices are in USD)

Simple Portrait or Original Character Commissions
These paintings are great if you’d like a portrait of yourself, a loved one, or your original character. There are three basic sizes with flat prices. Poses and backgrounds are kept simple, but will be as emotional and colorful as possible! High quality digital files will be provided, and the original painting will be sent to you in the mail. Prices include free US shipping. Please add $10 for international shipping (you can also choose to only receive the digital files if you don’t want to pay extra for shipping). Paper sizes are made to fit common frame sizes for easy framing.

  • 5”x7” Headshot: $30

  • 8”x10” Half body: $60 (add $24 per person/character for group shots)

  • 11”x14” Full body: $120 (add $48 per person/character for group shots)

  • Add a more detailed background: please inquire and I will let you know the additional cost

Custom Illustrations
Want something more detailed, complex, or specific? Fill out the form with your idea, and I will get back to you with the cost range. The above pricing is a good baseline to start from. There are also a two types of more complex illustration which I have base prices for. These prices are higher not just because of complexity, but to allow me more time to talk with you and do deeper research to make sure they turn out just how you want them:

  • Book covers: start at $300

  • Custom Tarot cards: start at $200*

*Individual cards only. If you are a publisher looking for someone to illustrate an entire deck, or managing a collaborative deck project, please send an inquiry via email to

Payment for commissions under $100 are due in full up front via PayPal invoice (payable by card, check, PayPal, etc). Payment for commissions $100 or more is due 50% up front and 50% upon completion, unless you would like to pay 100% up front. All prices are in USD. Prices are not set & subject to change or shift depending on various circumstances. I am willing to work with your budget to an extent.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission request for any reason. Please take the nature of my work into consideration when deciding whether I would be the best person to draw your commission—for example, I am not good at mechanical things or animals! I also do not do graphic web design work like headers, banners, etc.

There may be a waiting list or wait time for your piece. If you have time constraints, please let me know up front. Rushed jobs may accrue additional costs.


Please complete the form below—tell me what you’d like!

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Tell me about what you'd like! Don't be afraid to be detailed. If you have reference images, I will ask for them later. We can always talk more about the specifics.