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Ignition Zero (Webcomic)

Ignition Zero is a completed webcomic that ran from January 2011 to October 2016 at just over 350 pages! It follows the story of four young queer friends who become immersed in a centuries-old feud between two powerful spirits. 

When Robbie Finch moves to Glory, Maryland to go to college, he finally gets to meet his long-time internet friend, Orson, who also happens to live in town! Orson and his best friends, Neve and Martin, reveal to Robbie that the world is full of magical and mythical beings: spirits, faeries, and even a kind fish-headed monster named Hugh. Knowing this doesn't come without danger, though, especially since the gang has appointed themselves the protectors of a particular land spirit they call Ivory. Ivory has a lot of enemies, and one in particular who seem to want her hurt, or worse...

But as they get drawn into this conflict, it becomes less and less clear whether they're on the "right" side of the story, or even if there's a "right" side at all. Secrets are revealed, and not just by the spirits; the friends themselves have secrets they've kept from one another, or not-so-secrets that nonetheless put everyone at risk. If they want to survive this experience (maybe even grow from it), everyone involved must face the shadow side of themselves--including Ivory herself.

Most of the cast is queer identified in some way, including two asexual main characters and one who is genderfluid! This is not a story about being queer, though. It's simply an urban fantasy story that happens to have queer characters. And also some adorable ace romance.