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Tarot Readings



I currently offer personalized Tarot readings via email for anyone who may have a question that needs answers, advice, or reflection. I have been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for 15 years and employ an honest but compassionate approach to the practice. My goal is to help you help yourself!

How It Works

  • Purchase one of the readings offered below! Prices range from $15-60.

  • You will be directed to fill out a form with any relevant details for your reading.

  • In 3-10 days I will send you an email with a PDF attached that contains photos and interpretations of your reading. Most readings are 2-3 pages in length but can easily be more!

  • You may ask me any follow up questions you have about the reading via email.

Do readings really work long distance like that?
They sure do! I simply focus on connecting to you and the collective unconscious we are all linked into, via whatever identifiers you have given me, such as your name. I have been doing long distance readings for many years with great results, as have many other skilled readers.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I, Noel Arthur Heimpel, am not liable for any action taken as a result of these readings. Tarot readings are meant to provide advice and insight and are not a replacement for professional legal, financial, or medical advice. Your decisions and choices are your own, and by purchasing this reading you agree not to hold me (Noel Arthur Heimpel) liable for any resulting damages.